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Movement and Stealth

Silent movement is one of the most important opping skills - a night op isn't a walk in the park.

File Author Description
Borninshadows' Winter Tips Borninshadows Short textfile about winter ops
Bujinkan Techniques for Surviving in an Urban Environment Jeff Walker Magazine excerpt about ninja skills to become a complete warrior
cc_move_adapt.jpg Unknown How to approach an enemy
Combat Climb Unknown How to quickly climb a building in a two-man team
For the Bare Beginners: Escaping From Your Home Captain Winky User guide about how to sneak out of an occupied house
Parkour Guide Compilation stealththief User guide compiling many “intro to parkour” type guides
Movement and Positions Unknown Short textfile about positioning yourself while moving
Stealth Movement Compendium Unknown Compilation of various stealth movement techniques
OA Guide to Nature Observation & Stalking Rick Curtis Detailed/professional guide to various tracking skills
Naval ops: A problem underestimated, or... overestimated? Captain Winky Detailed user guide about “wet” ops
Night Movement Unknown Short textfile about stealth movement
Ninja Invisibility G.T. Karber Short textfile describing some stealth movement steps
Parkour Basics: A Compendium Jesse Woody Magazine article about some basic Parkour techniques
Ninja Missions Seanno Textfile describing a night ops style of “game” parkour enthusiasts can play
Random Ninja Knowledge Urban Nokizaru User guide with tips and tricks covering many topics, focused on movement and parkour
Rolling out of Danger Masaaki Hatsumi Magazine excerpt demonstrating several ninja rolling techniques
Shinobi-Iri Movement Borninshadows Short guide to various types of stealthy movement
Silent Stalker Hatsumi Sensei Walk like a ninja
Standardized Hand Signals Unknown A set of hand signals you can use to silently communicate with a partner or group
Stealth Guide Urban Nokizaru User guide covering stealth movement in detail
Stealth Parkour Unknown Stealth techniques for parkour movement
Suieijutsu: The Swimming Art Dr. William Durbin SWIM can learn how to swim like a ninja
The Mystic Arts of the Ninja Stephen Hayes Book about ninja-style techniques
Tactical Hand Signals Unknown More hand signals you can use to silently communicate with a group
The Art of being Invisible Chernobyl Cowboyz Advice about dodging patrols at a border crossing
Tracking Techniques Eugene Nielsen Textfile covering some tracking techiques
Walking Silently Unknown Develop your silent movement skills
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