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Physical Security

Locks, cameras, doors, and fences are deterrents. How well they work depends on you.

File Author Description
Advanced Lock Picking Secrets Steven Hampton What it says on the tin
Alarm Bypassing Hacker T Old textfile about bypassing electronic alarms
Artificial Fingers for Fingerprint Scanners Tsutomu Matsumoto Conference presentation about the viability of defeating fingerprint scanners using fingerprint molds
Bumping Locks Barry Wels & Rop Gonggrijp TOOOL paper on the theory and practice of lock bumping
Catalog of High Security Locks Graham Pulford Relatively old paper summarizing the operating principles of many high-security locks, many of which are still in use today
CCTV Destruction Unknown Website excerpt presenting methods to interfere with the operation of CCTV systems
CIA Lock Picking Field Operative Training Manual CIA Detailed manual for picking basic locks
DEA Handbook: How to Stash Items DEA (allegedly) How to hide things in plain sight
Defeating Electromagnetic Door Locks Unknown Short guide demonstrating how to bypass certain types of electromagnetic locks
Door Tricks Unknown Short guide demonstrating how to de-hinge cheap insecure doors
Expedient B&E Carl Hammer Tactics and Techniques for bypassing alarms and defeating locks
The MIT Guide to Lockpicking Ted T. Tool This guide is a thorough introduction to lockpicking techniques, a true classic
Modern High-Security Locks: How to Open Them Steven Hampton Detailed guide to many advanced lockpicking techniques
Ninja Lockpicking The Ninja Warrior Old &T textfile about defeating some types of low-security locks
Perimeter Security Sensor Technologies Handbook DARPA/NISE East Detailed descriptions of various types of perimeter sensor technologies
Safecracking for the computer scientist Matt Blaze Paper on safecracking as compared to information security, contains some detailed information about some common types of safe locks
Techniques of Burglar Alarm Bypassing Wayne Yeager Book about how to defeat common burglar alarm systems
Guide to Fire Escapes Urban Nokizaru User guide about taking advantage of fire escapes during night ops
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