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They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it.

Video Ops Collection

File Author Description
Car Shop Op Xanatos When the security guard leaves the site unprotected, it's time to patrol the grounds in his stead.
Church Op Xanatos A quintessential op showcasing many of the skills & techniques used by Night Operatives, such as lockpicking.
Quick Op Xanatos Taking a quick peek around the premises of a warehouse.
Static Shock Op Xanatos Perhaps the first recorded Night Op in its entirety, showcasing how to complete a Dare on a target.
Top-To-Bottom Op Xanatos Exploring a construction site in its entirety and prowling the surrounding rooftops.

Assorted Videos

File Author Description
Ghillie Veil Tutorial Xanatos Video made by a NONET user demonstrating an effective, cheap, and easy-to-make ghillie veil
SWAN turn roll Demonstration of a SWAN turn roll: a way to change your facing direction 180 degrees while prone, while keeping a low profile
Stealth Movement Robert Bussey Demonstrates several techniques for silent movement
Practical Camouflage Web Dog Radio Web video segment showing various types of camouflage
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