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Privacy Policy

Like most web sites, this one logs your IP address and what pages you visit. If you register for the forums, it saves your email address and any other details you choose to put in your profile (see the forum's boilerplate privacy policy here). Cookies are used to keep track of your session if you choose to log in. None of this data leaves our servers, no third parties are involved.

Now, we don't give a fuck whether or not you take steps to protect your personal information. But make no mistake, you are being watched, and not just by us. In the end, your privacy is your own responsibility - we suggest you take charge of it. Consider yourself warned.

Terms of Use

The administrators of this site do not condone the use of information made available on this website; all information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. All discussions occurring on this site are to be considered hypothetical in nature, including those that pertain to the preparation, execution, or any discussion whatsoever, of “night ops” or “urban exploration”. The resemblance of any information posted on this site to real life is purely coincidental. All posts in the forum are the responsibility of the individual poster and not the administration.

By accessing information available anywhere on this web site, you indicate your understanding that all such information is made available for entertainment purposes only, and that it is not meant to be acted upon despite any appearance to the contrary. Should you act on any information obtained from this forum or web site, you agree that you are acting entirely of your own accord and that no administrator, moderator, or user of this web site or the Night Ops forums are liable in any way for the consequences of your actions.

An additional terms of use policy applies to the Night Ops forums. The site administration may change this policy or the forums' policy at any time without notification.

If you do not agree with these conditions, close your web browser and do not access this website.

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