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Sometimes a little firepower is called for. An opponent's night vision can be disrupted, or a smokescreen created to aid escape.

Goes without saying that all of these files are for entertainment purposes only, and you shouldn't use any of this information.

File Author Description
High Grade $2 Smoke Bomb Borninshadows Short textfile on how to make a cheap but effective smoke bomb
How To Make Fuses The Jolly Roger Short textfile describing how to make a fuse from common materials
Impact Smoke Bomb Unknown Short textfile about how to making a smoke bomb from match heads
Improvised Munition Black Books vol. I, II, III The Mad Cracker Long textfile about making explosives from common materials
Improvised Ninja Smoke Devices Yamashiro Toshitora Book about making ninja-style explosives and powders
JT's Napalm Lightbulb JT Short textfile about making a combustible lightbulb
Smoke Bombs Compiled Unknown Textfile about making simple and coloured smoke
Strife's Metsubishi Recipe Strife Textfile about how to make a blinding powder
Strife's Smoke Bomb Strife Smoke bomb recipe and advice
Timaniii's Smoke Bomb Timaniii Smoke bomb recipe using common materials
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