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Night Ops formally began in 2003, when &TOTSE user Infrared posted a thread in the “Bad Ideas” forum. Though the Temple is no longer, Infrared is generally considered the “father” of Night Ops. A great deal of effort has gone into preserving the first Night Ops threads for posterity - it is where our community was born. On this page, you will find archival copies of each Night Ops thread posted to &T before it ceased to exist.

If you wish to submit historical Night Ops material (especially a transcription of the missing 8th Night Ops thread), please contact an Admin or Moderator on the forums.

Thread Duration Link
Night Ops I (2003-2004) Download
Night Ops II (2004) Download
Night Ops III (2004) Download
Night Ops IV (2004-2005 Download
Night Ops V (2005) Download (Part 1) Download (Part 2)
Night Ops VI (2005) Download
Night Ops VII (2005-2006) Download
Night Ops VIII (???) Lost
Night Ops IX (2008) Download
Night Ops X (2008-2009) Download
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