Police and Thermal Drones

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Police and Thermal Drones

Post by HouseEater47 » Thu Jun 15, 2023 10:02 pm

As kids, we grew up watching action movies and we've all seen the police helicopters chasing the robbery suspect. But there are things that pose a bigger threat to a man of the shadows. Drones. A well made police drone that is high up in the sky might be difficult to hear. It may have been on your tail for minutes at a time. The police are closing in on you. The Trespasser Rouge Of The Grand City In Custody.

You heard me right.. These are no ordinary drones. The drones that police departments all over the world are adopting can hover for an hour or longer, utilize thermal imaging cameras, and can move at speeds of 80 mph or more. Evasion is key to survival in a world where drones prowl.

There are many online forums that discuss thermal evasion and I highly recommend you look into them if you wish to remain free....

A 911 call about a suspicious prowler near city streets or a smash and grab ninja operating with speed and precision, with a call to the police, you have only minutes, or seconds to engage a backup plan. In a big city, expect drones to be flying like a swarm of bees in the night sky. Rural areas, maybe 1 or 2.


If your not committing criminal acts of theft or public disturbance, drones may not be too big of an issue. But this information could be helpful to know for other reasons as well...

Drones arent the only thing that employs thermal vision or night vision. Big tech makes handheld scopes, cameras, and binoculars that can see in thermal or night vision.
If you need to pass through a highly guarded area and a guard or concerned civilian can deploy a thermal optic to get the drop on you. Hopefully this doesn't frighten anyone. Its just a matter of our 21st century life that we need to accustom to.

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