More questions... sorry

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More questions... sorry

Post by Sicarius » Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:32 pm

I just have a few questions to ask.

One, should I stay close, far, or mid-range of walls? I have read conflicting opinions in the library on the website. To me, it would be logical to stick to walls if the colors you are wearing match them. Black would silhouette against a light-colored wall, so I would distance my self from it depending on my surroundings.

Second, I like to travel, and as an adult one day, I would consider incorporating night ops into travel. As a job one day, I have considered being a traveling freelance writer. Have any of you ever done a night op while traveling?

Third, has anyone read "Parkour Strength Training: Overcoming Obstacles for Fun and Fitness"? I am purchasing it this week, and based on the reviews, it has a lot of information on workouts outside of just parkour. I am planning on using it to create a workout that focuses on agility and endurance, as well as holding certain positions relevant to stealth like crouching. I will also be using it for its main purpose, parkour, so I can better traverse a suburban area.

Sorry for the interrogation, I just have many questions and am very new to this.

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Re: More questions... sorry

Post by Xanatos » Sat Jun 13, 2020 9:56 pm

I personally prefer sticking close to walls, unless there's deeper shadow or some sort of cover (like taller grass) further away from it. To a moving observer, the further you are from the wall the more you'll show up in their depth perception as an object standing in the open. Whereas when you're flat up against the wall, you move in correlation to it from the view of the target. Your shadow won't be cast as strongly either on the wall or along the ground as well. If you're afraid of sticking out (solid black on a bright wall, for instance) you can always go prone and blend in with the ground. Flatten your silhouette.

I've opped abroad before, while camping near some tourist caves and while house-sitting for various people. New places afford a lot of new opportunities, and if you're typically worried about being recognised you'll be long gone from the area soon enough. The trick is bringing your gear inconspicuously, which means travelling light. And if you're not travelling alone, finding new & interesting ways of bypassing your companions - usually from a house you're not familiar with.
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