ammo test

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ammo test

Post by Roxas » Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:55 pm

hello too all of you fellow gun carriers i have found all the best ammo for your guns. here it is

9MM: federal premium 105 grain guard dog ammo
10MM: winchester silvertip 175 grainHP
357SIG: federal HST 125 grain
.40S&W: winchester ranger T-series 165 grain
.45ACP: Speer gold dot 230 grain JHP
357MAGNUM: winchester PDX1 125 grain

something i came across that is saure to intrest is that the expansion of the .40 was larger than even the .45 almost a whole inch with some EXTREMLY sharp talons..just amazing

i also highly recommend alot of the PDX1 cartridges. they all have great expansion

all these cartridges have been chosen on the base of how well they expanded

if you guys want penetrationill post the same thing but with penetration

let me know what you guys think

ill post .380 acp if any are interested
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