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Tripwires, Ashes, And paint canisters

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2024 12:52 pm
by NoLongerLocked25
TRIPWIRES: May be thin steel wire, fishing line, or paracord. I recommend fishing line that matches the color of the environment, is strong and taut enough to withstand 200+Lbs of tensile stress, and is flexible enough to be tied around things. Tripwires are a classic means of delaying enemies, eliminating them(tripwire explosivesYIKES) , and of course, providing an operator with more time to escape as the enemy is to busy tripping themselves up!
Uses: Trip pursuers Release mechanism which wraps around legs, temporarily rendering pursuer immobile Trigger smoke, mist, paint, or BLINDING AGENT into EYES!
noise alarm or silent alarm(radio signal or firecracker indicating intruder has stepped through perimeter) And emit fear into your pursuers by triggering a loud bang which causes fear, disorientation, and light pollution which can aid in your escape.

The magic of tripwires is that they can be set up strategically for their intended purposes upon infiltration(escape assist, distraction, etc) and taken down upon exfiltration as only you and your team knows the position of said tripwires. They are very diffucult to notice if you arent looking for tripwires.(A guard chasing you looking at YOU and the GROUND in front of him. He will not notice the tripwire) Tripwires can serve many useful purposes. Another rather illegal use is concealed aircraft cable to delay cars and ground vehicles.

ASH?!!!: Yes, ash. In my childhood, I remember my dad would take the ashes from the wood stove and dump them in the garden(very good for the soil). The ashes would hit the ground as well as stay in the air for many minutes. For operational purposes, ash can be a useful agent. Its lightweight.. Breathing can be difficult.. Vision limited or completely blocked.. Ashes blewn in front of a camera using a flexible straw and a handheld air pump will stick to the camera lens and blind or limit the vision capabilities of the camera. If dropping from an elevation or moving around a corner and a camera is recording, toss ash into the air and move quickly as to not be recorded. Ashes threwn into the air as you move away from a position IF REVEALED can limit the tracking effectiveness of ground units and low flying UAV's. In a physical confrontation, ash can be strewn into the eyes of many as you make a speedy escape. While they are coughing, tearing up, and waving their arms around, you are making a run for safety and freedom! There are all kinds of creative uses from evasion, to escape. If I missed any, please mention them. Oh, back to tripwires, a "tray" or paper box can be filled with ash or other disorientation agent and set in an elevated position out of immediate sight(above a doorway, a screw or tack or lightbulb or fan) Once the tripwire is tripped, the paper box will tilt or fall, clouding an entire room....... This is pure ninja shit. All evasive action. No violence, just powder!!!

PAINT CANISTERS: Blind surveillance devices by spraying a thick coat over the lens. create a pool of paint to trip up pursuers. If I were a rent a cop security guard, I wouldn't want to trip into a puddle of paint and stain my beautiful tennis shoes or my expensive polo shirt. And im sure there are many other uses for paint canisters that I havent listed. I am just sharing some evasion concepts that have been on my mind recently. Out of all of these, which is the most versatile and why?

Are there any more useful or practical methods of escape or tools to aid in said escape?