The Initiate's Guide to Accelerated Learning - Part I: Music

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The Initiate's Guide to Accelerated Learning - Part I: Music

Post by Psychlonic » Mon Aug 28, 2023 4:47 am

This is part of a project that's actually unrelated to NO but I wondered if maybe some here might find it useful. Also, I'm curious about your thoughts on the writing style. Just anything that springs to mind, really. This is something of an unfinished piece but the information here is complete and usable as is. From here I plan on adding a few more tricks, methods, whatnot and then polishing it up to make it a little less tiring for the modern reader. Anyway:

Your time is limited and currently the world's collective knowledge expands at a rate vastly greater than your ability to learn. Thus, it is wise to maximize the efficiency of your learning capacity through various means immediately as doing so will allow you to cultivate your mind faster and absorb more information in a given amount of time. These methods are also critical to understand at a fundamental level if you are to attempt self-programming and super learning, self-developmental tools included in this tome.

Knowledge is seldomly learned by the individual who is not interested in learning it. It is therefore in your greatest interest to learn how to focus on and enjoy the learning material as you encounter it and attempt to assimilate the information within. An ideal subject for the beginning of this work.

Ideally, the information is supplemented in a way that forms emotional connections within the mind. Music is a wonderful pairing with written material and you'll find that this work is no exception. Instrumental melodies devoid of lyrics or sudden loud tones have worked best for myself as these songs will not suddenly grab my attention away from the information. Any opportunity you have to pair music to written information you wish to learn, do so.
Understand that this creates a neural link between the music you listen to and the knowledge you are receiving. Whenever you hear the song, you may remember the knowledge spontaneously. Visa versa, using the knowledge in your life may cause a song you've listened to while learning to play in your mind. This is a very powerful bond that can be expanded upon and exploited in incredible ways to learn complex knowledge much faster. It should also be cautioned that this is a bond that is often leveraged against you by society. Let us address this in depth elsewhere however while we continue to focus on maximizing learning efficiency.
To continue this basic mental technique, an additional link can be formed by selecting music you already have an emotional attachment to. This can be reinforced further by music that feels thematic to the subject being studied. Take care which memories you knowingly marry to new information and consider how a negative emotional experience related to your prior memories could impact your retention of knowledge.

If there's any hope for you, your imagination has already started to run wild creating an ideal reading setting for you to enjoy. A setting beyond simply the learning material and music. Visions of a hot drawn bath with book tray. Perhaps a warm, sunny day spent under a shade tree. A warm fire crackling inside on a snowy winter's eve.
Whimsy and unsuitable for daily learning, to be certain. However, this is exactly the basic outline by which you can begin to quickly learn at a superior rate. While such a physical reading locale warms the spirits, simply imagining one as you learn will greatly enhance knowledge absorption. Combining all currently aforementioned principles, an example of such a blending of information and imagination might be reading up on wilderness craft while listening to a childhood song that already reminds you of the outdoors. This imaginative setting is supplemented by candles scented of trees and drinking water in a nearby canteen.
This scene is far more than childish fantasy. It is the mental sandbox where you can emulate the application of newly learned knowledge. In addition, this imaginative setting can also be used as the foundation of a memory palace, another learning technique written herein. Drawing upon and connecting as many different learning and memory centers of the mind are key in accelerated learning.


I suppose there is an argument for this being a technique of learning and not an actual art of NO, so if this isn't cut out for this section off to SG it can go.
Knowledge alone is not power, it is the potential for power. That potential can only be unlocked through applying that knowledge and realizing the skill.

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Re: The Initiate's Guide to Accelerated Learning - Part I: Music

Post by cTrial » Tue Sep 05, 2023 5:56 am

Helpful, thanks Psychlonic.

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