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Safety Equipment

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2023 5:54 pm
by Psychlonic
No, not for your own personal safety. Rather construction site PPE: safety vests and hard hats.

Have any of you guys running lit up missions on construction zones ever considered this for your gray man approaches? It's fairly common practice with SERE instruction, just appear to be part of a work crew. In your case, night time crew doing whatever.

You probably wouldn't even need to mess with an actual hard hat, just an oversized cap sitting over a folded up balaclava or whatever could complete the illusion from a safe distance from anyone else. If it's a huge ball cap, trim the bill to look the part better. Both items would be a dirt cheap purchase and could fit into a cargo pocket when you need to disappear.

Bro tip: Make the hat white so you appear to be a higher up. Crews tend to do things they're not supposed to be doing and will avoid you like the plague.