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Post by V-S » Sat Jul 16, 2022 5:52 am

A review of the Bushnell Equinox Z2 night vision monocular. I'll update more if as I use it more. I used the 6x50 variant.

There are three variants:
* 3x30 for short 152m / 500ft.
* 4.45x40 for mid 229m / 750ft.
* 6x50 for long distance 305m / 1000ft.

The Z2 has 2 modes
* Day (Full colour)
* Night (Black and White with IR sensors active)

+ Full colour at day or in lit-up areas
+ Effective in darkness (even without IR illumination)
+ Ability for low or high IR illumination (can also have no IR illumination)
+ Image-taking capabilities
+ Records video at 360p, 720p, or 1080p (in .MOV format)
+ Records audio
+ Ability to choose between low, medium, and high framerates
+ Ability to change NV filter to green

- Cumbersome, bulky
- Need to focus manually
- Can take time to set up
- Requires tripod or other means of stabilisation for it to be effective, using it with no support will be very shaky viewing
- no wind noise reduction while recording

NOTES (some things I noticed while testing the device)
* The red IR light source is visible to the naked eye, so someone may notice the red light if you are pointing it at them
* IR is ineffective through mesh fencing
* IR will see through normal glass windows
* Window tint will affect IR light making it difficult to see though
* It's difficult to obtain vehicle registrations if plate lights are on
* Framerate will be low in night mode, the lower the framerate the brighter the image quality

Concluding thoughts
Great device for recon in very low level light. Not something to carry on an op unless you intend to use it, as it is bulky and expensive. It can take about a minute to pull it out and set it up, then a few further seconds tuning your adjustments to a target. It's not exactly covert, so you don't want to be sighted by anyone using this (unless you convince them you are observing wildlife). Biggest issue is its power consumption. It takes 4x AA batteries, which will last about 15 minutes of recording video. They will last longer if you don't record and keep the IR light off. Having this device fully charged and used tactically is a must when you intend to go out with it.
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