Leatherman 300M

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Leatherman 300M

Post by RoxasV3 » Sat Feb 27, 2021 3:21 am

TL;DR: Pretty decent model for our "purposes" when compared to other models on paper. that being said, there are better ones.
sup nerds. ive had a Leatherman 300M for a small while now and its been pretty good, i got the black oxidized version because...well duh.

the main differences between a 300 and a 300M is

>they take the saw out
>they take the fixed place drivers out
>they add a whole ass driver system in and include a pack of 2D bits
>they add a carbon scraper/AWL
>add female anatomy for gun cleaning brush
>they include a driver extension as well.
(READ: this driver extension is different from the ones they normally sell. this one is different and will take any and all 1/4 diameter 3D driver bits which is a big game changer for me personally.)

>they add a pry bar/nail puller

now you may think oh shit, that seems to be pretty good for what i might need but heres the pros and cons of getting a pry bar/nail puller:

can lift a sewer manhole(mine did, YMMV)
can pull out concrete nails they use to stand CCTV upright
can fit whole 16 penny nails into the nail puller (its better than the gerber center drive pro nail puller in every way)

its on a hinge system that can and probably will fail if given enough abuse
its pretty small so no hardcore leveraging anything like a whole door
the nail puller teeth are very fine and thin for getting underneath nails but due to this finessery, they seem fragile.

ultimately this seems like a decent tool for the uses we find we need in our night to night lives, but that being said, i would just bring a genuine dedicated pry/crowbar if needed.
i think there are WAY better models out there for the purposes we may ask of our tools,
the Leatherman OHT/Surge/Crunch seem to be better fitting.

thanks for reading.
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