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Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:17 am
by Psychlonic
In Greek mythology, Euryphaessa is a Titan Goddess who, among other functions, serves as deity over the moon and vision. Her power comes from the Greek - none too dissimilar to the Victorian - belief that vision was the result of the eyes emitting rays of light that acted as a sort of radar. The moon, being the primary light source at night, was thus seen as a great eye in the sky of the Goddess Euryphaessa who could see everything in the night.

Project: Euryphaessa has been an on-going series of experiments I've been conducting behind the scenes and during the summer silence on here. The idea is to enhance and even add to the available senses based on prior scientific research.

Biological night vision is the enhancement of your own eyes rather than using an electronic/chemically powered device to intensify available light. In this case, the basis of the tests was the SFM experiment as seen here:

Code: Select all
The PDF featured similarly breaks down the process but I'll hold your hand through the process to make this more accessible to you.

First, you need Chlorin E6, DMSO, human insulin, and saline solution.

Chlorin E6 is the light intensifier. DMSO dissolves and allows the Ce6 to more readily absorb into the eye. Insulin also aids in absorption but more importantly it slows transport of ABCG2 which increases Ce6 usage. Saline solution is simply a buffer to reach proper concentration.

Being able to measure properly is important. Failing lab grade supplies, you can convert the measurements to ml and use a common measuring spoon set to ensure you use the proper amount of each item. There is room for error. If you are barely over or under on any given thing, the risk is less healthwise and more efficiency of the night vision. You can also use existing droppers in lieu of a micropipette. 50ul is basically "one drop". Finally, sonication is mentioned as the mixing method. You can shake the combination vigorously but one thing you need to know is that you don't want to do this in a container which can catch particles. This was a particular headache I suffered when the Ce6 stuck to surfaces and failed to mix and dissolve initially. Make sure it's a tiny container with smooth surfaces!

So read the PDF. Get the items you need (sources below). Measure out each reagent in its proper amount either via small graduated cylinders or just use the spoons after conversion. Pour into mixing container - preferably something with tiny dropper drop so you don't need to transfer - using a funnel to ensure there is no spillage. Shake vigorously for a minute and place into a refrigerator immediately. Usage instructions forthcoming.

But first, let's talk reagent handling. Saline solution is straight forward. Insulin you should be careful with but note that it does not absorb through the skin readily - at least not without DMSO. It also needs to be kept refrigerated. DMSO absorbs easy as shit and you NEED to take care that it doesn't get on you because it will take anything else with it including potentially dangerous molecules. Finally, Ce6 needs to be kept fairly cold - in the freezer if kept in powdered form.

Usage requires some knowledge and care, you can't just drop and go. Dosage involves three drops per eye, or three 50ul drops. Use one hand to hold your eyelids open so you can't blink the solution out and apply one drop to the white on the inside of the pupil. After the drop, allow time for absorption and quickly use the same hand used to drop to put pressure just below your tear duct so solution does not escape that way. Repeat until you have absorbed three drops per eye.

At this point, your eyes will gradually increase in light sensitivity for the next 1.5-2 hours until reaching peak performance. From here you will more slowly degrade for roughly 6 hours until you return to normal vision. There are no after effects - once the effect is gone it's gone. Sensitivity will be such that bright lights will cause you problems and I advise you to work out a solution ahead of time to prepare for this. For night ops, I recommend a black nylon shade that can be pulled over the eyes for bright areas or lights pointed toward you. There is risk of staring into bright lights but don't worry - you're not going to be staring into bright lights. It's too repulsive and you will instinctively look away preventing it from being a problem.

Think of the effect as your eyes adjusting to the night. Only with the drops, you adjust another order of magnitude that much more.

A lot of research has gone into this and I am probably taking a lot for granted and leaving things out on preparing and applying the Ce6 solution. If anyone has questions on this, please let me know.


Where do you get your shit? Well it's not too bad.

Saline solution can be found anywhere. Might as well bundle it with your DMSO though, because the best source for that is probably Amazon. Get yourself some 99% DMSO and standard saline flushing solution.

Ce6 can be had at Medkoo bioscience. You will need to email them for the order but it is painless and they will ship ASAP. International orders are also possible so good news to those outside of the US.

This leaves insulin. I acquired mine from a diabetic locally, no questions asked. As I understand it, you can obtain some brands without a prescription but I don't know about international acquisition of this. In theory the formula should work without it if that's what it comes down to, but it will lose effectiveness as the Ce6 will have to compete more with other compounds in the ocular pathways.

Well, we had to have something new eventually right? More to come. This is just the beginning. :)

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:48 am
by Ghost
You have my attention, sir. As well as my opping boner.

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Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:55 am
by wfff024
Holy shit you're genius thanks for this.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:53 pm
by CookieThief
Holy crap this is awesome!! What are the safety hazards though? I mean does it hurt or damage your eyes in the long run? This would be very helpful, but I am a bit wary of putting stuff in my eyes.

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Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:46 am
by Psychlonic
The risks are very minimal when used in a responsible manner. The only real issues might arise if you used the drops almost daily, used a stronger ce6 concentration (significantly stronger, you won't reach it by accident), or if you forced yourself to endure bright light with your eyes open.

Chronic use of the drops may slowly, over time, accelerate aging of the cornea and harden it, degrading vision. Reasonable use of the drops only for needed operations will make this a non factor. Just don't try to make the drops part of a lifestyle change and you will be ok.

Using a stronger concentration of the drops or staring into bright light for too long may lead to cellular necrosis inside of the eye. Basically cells responsible for light pick up will slowly die. Not all of them and not immediately, but it will none the less degrade vision. This is why the shade is a must. At the concentration listed in the formula though, you'd really have to try to achieve this. Would you stare in to the sun? No. Quick bursts of light won't hurt nor will moderate brightness as long as you use common sense and don't force yourself to see without aid of a darkening device. As suggested, a nylon shade is optimal for both light blockage and no glare.

There has been voiced concern over Ce6's use in photodynamic therapy as a specific way to kill cancerous cells but this is not anything to worry about. Ce6 as used in PDT has other chemicals mixed in that this formula is not to more rapidly oxidize cells when exposed to light. And the light source is in the form of a laser more intense than anything you will encounter in the night time.

Finally, the use of Ce6 officially as a light sensitizer is still very experimental so written material is sparse. However, in all available studies, no permanent side effects have been noted including with myself. Almost a month has passed here with no effects and I want to say a year has passed roughly with the SFM team. Unlike SFM I have used mine more repeatedly and during actual simplified operations to note performance gains and again no problems.

This is the extent of the history of the formula, however. It is very cutting edge and although the groundwork predates the turn of the century, the real usage is less than half a decade old. That said, I value my eyes as much as any of you, believe me. Use responsibly and there will be no problems. If there's still fear of complications but you're interested in this, I highly recommend referencing the SFM citation material and reading further into the science behind how this works. You may even think of a few new things as I have, and you will be seeing in the future that expand beyond this method and subsequent gains.

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Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:01 am
by Xanatos
For testing purposes, I suggest applying it to your non-dominant eye first. Half-nightvision is better than no nightvision, and losing half your eyesight is better than going completely blind.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 4:38 pm
by Psychlonic
Xanatos wrote:For testing purposes, I suggest applying it to your non-dominant eye first. Half-nightvision is better than no nightvision, and losing half your eyesight is better than going completely blind.
I will say that testing in a single eye to get the toes in the water is also handy in that you have a control eye available so you can see how much of a gain you are experiencing. It was interesting to compare my eyes against each other with the drops only in a single eye. I actually felt more blind in my "normal" eye like something was wrong with it since it couldn't see as well.

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Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 6:11 pm
by Xanatos
Difference in vision overall or just in low-light?

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Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:23 pm
by Psychlonic
Low-light of course, as if my dominant eye simply couldn't adjust properly to it. Not that it hadn't, the difference is just that marked.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:23 am
by wfff024
Are you afraid of what could happen if someone tried to sell this stuff?

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:53 am
by Xanatos
Well, it would be very hard for us to hide then.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:04 am
by Psychlonic
wfff024 wrote:Are you afraid of what could happen if someone tried to sell this stuff?
You mean like making money off my ideas? They're not wholely my ideas in fact a lot of the information is from dormant patents anyway plus many of the upcoming projects will be a difficult sell. Even here in a place filled with people who really want night vision there is hesitation so you can just imagine the mainstream. I doubt the FDA would approve it anyhow. At any rate, I'm not interested in the money with this just sharing things as I go along and test.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:13 am
by Absent
I wonder if this is similar to the stuff they put in your eye at the eye doctor which dilates the pupil.
That stuff has a similar effect, iirc. Sensitive to light.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:57 am
by Xanatos
No, that just expands the pupil. It doesn't affect rhodopsin, which is the thing primarily responsible for nightvision.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:33 pm
by noone
This might be a bit more problematic than it seemed to. ... es-duncan/

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:36 pm
by Xanatos
The experiments were conducted on mice & rabbits, whose ocular structure differs to that of humans. Have there been any reports on retinal damage from users of Ce6? Psychlonic, have you experienced any noticeable decrease in vision? I don't know how many times you've used Ce6, but if there's any ill side effects I think you would've noted something by now.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:31 am
by Psychlonic
I used them about a dozen times in a month span back when I was using it heavily. Zero change in vision. There was also concern that it would cause cellular necrosis in the eye but the light levels needed to cause that were abnormally high i.e. a laser shining into your eye.

Further, this author of this article seems to have an axe to grind against the people who created this for some reason. If you click on the last article here:

You'll notice he similarly criticized the idea. What's comical here is that there used to be a comment section below in which he was completely trashed but it appears to be gone now. Or maybe I'm mis-remembering and the rebuttle was elsewhere, but either way his article was entirely destroyed. Further, saying "they didn't discover eyedrops that give you night vision" is instantly shut down when you actually use them and notice that - lo and behold - they increase your night vision. In fact on that note, the entirety of this magazine seems to simply be based on shilling vague dreams and ideas, there's nothing there with meat. There's no mention of HUGE biohacking breakthroughs, such as the OpenHuman plasmid.

Arguing this whole thing has been pretty ridiculous with people across the web. It's been like colorblind people trying to insist that I can't see blue.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 10:41 pm
by Psychlonic
I want to post "the rest of this" because I'm planning to overhaul my online presence soon and while I know this subject isn't for everybody, in case anyone becomes legitimately interested in following my footsteps I'd like to write down the concepts I had for a much improved version of this. The project is stalled because I've been much more involved in another that benefits me more.

Mark II Drops and the VA2 Visual System
The pursuit of this and more has utterly consumed my life over the past month and continues to do so, and as I continue to learn more I see that basic night vision is not only possible, but safe and honestly just the tip of the iceberg. I refer, of course, to the CE6 light sensitivity experiment. I'm currently awaiting shipments in the mail of all items I need and am expecting them by the end of the week. If all goes as planned, I'll be performing an alpha test of this during the week (next week) and then a full blown field beta test on the following weekend.

I expect success here but the real question is that of effectiveness. For those scared of this technology, here's the low down; this only leads to cellular necrosis in the presence of intense light as used with a laser, since the effect was noticed during therapy where this was used to kill off problematic cells. Also, diluted DMSO is all you need for absorption so really insulin is completely unnecessary but probably leads to marginally faster absorption. This means YOU can access this technology. Results will be posted after the experiments. My Ce6 was ordered from bioscience located in Irvine, CA., a reputed chemical supplier who willingly ships to individuals. My cost including shipping was $115 for more supply than I'll need for quite awhile. This is still a lot of coin even if relatively cheap for a "new ability" but I'll post results to tell you if it's worth the cost.

However, this almost doesn't matter. As I've said, this is the tip of the iceberg and merely a jump point to better if not more costly solutions. This is where the augmentation branches in two wildly different directions, both possible but one path although theoretically leading to the maximum possible efficiency of the eyes is also HIDEOUSLY expensive and requires a complete lifestyle change. More on this later.

First, the easy way. This is the natural route, we'll call this VA1 Biological Vision - your natural vision enhanced for maximum light sensitivity at night. The Ce6 technique is based off relatively old research and there is new, improved methods that have been overlooked. Ce6 is still used but a fun fact is that Ce6 bonds readily with gold nanorods - AuNR@SiO2–Ce6. Why does this matter? Gold nanorods also increase conventional night vision marginally but they also increase sensitivity to the near-infrared spectrum. As we humans can just barely see into the tail end of this spectrum, this would provide for a likely noticeable enhancement of our vision. I am hoping to fund this experiment next month and will again post results.

This leads to the second way. The unnatural route - VA2 Biological Vision. I am using the terms VA1 and VA2 because the methods rely on the type of Vitamin A running through your system. In short, Vitamin A1 is responsible for the way you are seeing the world around you right now and is a big player in natural night vision as well as other vital functions. Tests dating way back to the 1930s tell of lucky "volunteers" being completely depleted of Vitamin A1 and supplemented with dihydroretinol (Vitamin A2). The results of this test were considered "positive" although never officially declassified or released in any way. However, similar tests have been held in private since and just last year one such test concluded by the same group of grinders who pioneered the Ce6 drops. The A2 tests actually came first. The goal and result of this test was that vision was shifted through the spectrum into the near-infrared. In what little of this test was released, it is likely vision was shifted to upward of 850nm. That is very significant - think of it this way, at night this effectively gives you Generation 2 NV vision "naturally".

Now that you're getting excited or thinking I'm crazy, here's the downside of this method. It's fucking EXPENSIVE. The problem is that A2 is prohibitively expensive. $2000 for a month's supply. In addition, it has special shipping costs as it must be kept cold plus you yourself must keep it cold as it degrades quickly at even marginally high temperatures. And this is just the A2. You must supplement retinoic acid which is a vital function of A1 you will be missing. Also, your diet must be completely deficient of A1 not only for the duration of the A2 supplementation, but for 2 months prior to clear your liver of it. This is a complete lifestyle change, but the gain exceeds that of simply night ops. This almost transcends you from the rest of humanity as you can see what they could not. Old Sony Nightshots could essentially replicate this on a cheap scale allowing you to see blood shift depending on social interactions, see through certain clothing, see the stars in the daytime, etc. But this was a poor transitional method, you would see this NATURALLY, in a non-translated method that I still can not grasp. How do you explain a color to the colorblind? Someday, I hope to complete this study but I need to supplement my income.

We're really scratching surfaces here so bear with me. Also, I know I am lacking in numerous sources and citations I DO have, but this is already a long post and they will be provided later as more detailed instructions become available.

So this leads to what may be the ultimate, unrivaled form of night vision from the eye: Ce6-AuNR augmented VA2 Biological Vision. It should be noted that natural night vision slowly degrades (but does recover) from the A2 diet as the pigments in your rods responsible for this fade. However, this can be countered with Ce6 to give still-superior conventional range to what you can see now. Also, seeing NIR does counteract this considerably especially in a real-world environment. Finally, you may remember me stating gold-nanorods will increase sensitivity in the NIR spectrum, meaning that as you could more easily see into the NIR spectrum, this would be far enhanced. There is ZERO prior studies of this, this is my contribution to the pile of visual biotech. I would estimate the ability to see at LEAST into 1000nm with increased clarity. There is no known light amplification tech available that could rival this, much less the field of view and focusing abilities your eyes will provide naturally. In addition, low density IR filter lenses could be used to protect from excessive light situations but still enable you to see reasonably well in any situation.

Think about this. You wouldn't be seeing like you do through a scope, monocular, goggles, etc. This would be like seeing at sunset during the NIGHT. You could see straight through fog, overcast, smoke, etc. Glare on water? You'd see right through it. This is my ultimate goal in Project: Euryphaessa. To reach this level of ultimate sight where the night is no longer night, just another part of daytime.

My eyes will not be alone in their superior abilities.

As a couple of you are already aware, part of my hiatus has been in part to another enhancement I've performed on myself: implantation of the M31 titanium-nitride coated biomagnet. This is a 1x3mm disc intended to be inserted under the skin via scalpel. When the nerves heal around the magnet, they will detect minute vibrations of the magnet caused by the presence of magnetic fields. This essentially extends my ability to feel into part of the EM spectrum.

This is also another jump point for further experiments and enhancements but those are apart from Euryphaessa. In short, the magnet is not solely for night ops but primarily to enjoy more of the world, however a side effect in theory should be the ability to feel security elements remotely. magnetic switches, certain scanners, live power wires, and more. As well, the magnet can be coupled to other transistor technologies such as ultra-sound. This will be a future topic, tentatively called Project: Echo but now's not the time. (Post note: and still isn't, apparently)

New Content
It should be noted that completely eliminating Vitamin A1 from the liver is not necessary, as retinoic acid will cause it to be sequestered in the liver. That is, it won't be released in serum allowing for your eyes to uptake A2 instead. This allows for faster recovery after swapping to A2 visual system since your liver will continue having stores to be immediately released upon ending the supplementation of retinoic acid.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 11:08 pm
by Sicarius
I want to write a post about night vision, from natural night vision, to this "biohacking" variety, to actual night vision devices. I think they all have their advantages and disadvantages, unfortunately. Interesting post, looking forward to more.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 2:26 pm
by Xanatos
Fuck... this is some Adam Jensen transhumanism shit right here. Can't wait to see the results.

Re: Project: Euryphaessa - Biological Night Vision

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 5:46 pm
by Psychlonic
No clue when I'll get back to this, man. Right now my focus is on that mind project we'd discussed elsewhere plus readying for the direction the world seems to be going. It's suspension is indefinite for now unfortunately.