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Post by Roxas » Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:33 am

Hello im roxas.
This is my review on the SOG Fixation Dagger

Well this knife is illegal where i live. Which is why i love this thing.

It is a 6.5 inch double edged fixed blade straight and serrated
It is made of 8Cr13MoV steel which i have no past experience with but from what i have put through this dagger i must say im impressed

When i took it out of the box
I felt like s kid in a candy store. It was so light. In my hand...the problem was i didnt know where to put my hand....i felt no leverage when i grasped this handle..for leverage i look for significent pressure on the webbing between your thumb and index finger...or thats what i look for it just does not feel right in my hand. The handle is made from kraton...which i am on the fence about. For those that never felt kraton before...it's like a really really hard rubber...more grip than regular rubber but it's just something funny about it...amazing checkering on the handle...the blades thickness is next to nothing and will still hold up....

.02 inches of thickness. From what specs say.
The knofe has a pommel on the bottom, where it says
"made in china"...WHAT?! CHINA? WHATS THIS SHEET METAL DOING IN MY HAND!?!?!?111!!

Obviously this isnt the most expensive knife around, you can purchase one for $25-35 on amazon
MSRP is around $50-60

The tip of this dagger can pierce elephant dick. I took a jewelers scope and it looks amazing. (elephant dick)
This thing can shave the hair off your arm. I took this opping on the few ive been on
This is clearly a fighting knife if you plan to use this for survival good luck with that.
Dont use a knife for what it isnt meant to be used for.
This is used for fighting.

Thats all i really have to say about this knife.
Ill be doing a review on the SOG seal pup soon.
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