Window Lockpicking

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Window Lockpicking

Post by NoLongerLocked25 » Wed Mar 27, 2024 1:17 pm

I have analyzed my double hung sash lock windows for some time now. Have used pencil and paper to engineer a tool to reach inside and unlock the sash locks but until recently I have finally created a tool that might just work. Might just because I haven't tested it on a window yet. Really because I am not sure if wedging a gap in the center of the window will cause glass to snap. When tested from the inside, I could easily see this tool sliding into a gap created from the outside and working on the locks. One concern is noise created when accidentally slipping off and hitting the window. its possible I could apply some insulative material but that could negatively affect its slim profile and ease of use. But if now ones around, who will hear a slim piece of steel wire tapping a window from the inside?

The concept is using the tool in Fig 1 to unlock the window and using a wedge( wood,polymer, air wedge) to create a gap in the center of window.
With this gap, the tool is inserted and the locks manipulated to the open position.

I am a lockpicking fanatic so I needed to invent this tool to covertly open locked windows quietly without taking to much time or leaving broken glass or locks behind.

Would this tool work?

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