The "Web 2.0" update is here!

Important messages about the site will be posted here.
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The "Web 2.0" update is here!

Post by Secant » Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:26 am

In keeping with tradition, change has once again come to NONET after years of delay. Once again, I offer my sincere apologies for the long wait, and hope that you find this update useful.

This is the "web 2.0" update to our humble little forum. A number of improvements have been implemented:
  • has been moved to a VPS. The VPS offers substantially improved security (including the ability to use HTTPS) and is under my direct control. All services related to NONET run on this single VPS, there are no third parties involved. For those of you who are interested in PERSEC and online privacy, the VPS is located within the United States and is subject to US law. NONET's warrant canary can be found on this page:
  • Visual refresh of the entire site. Site is now suitable for mobile devices as well as traditional web browsers.
  • phpBB has been updated to the latest version.
  • The Library now uses Dokuwiki as its backend.
  • AJAX chat has been replaced with IRC (sorry, AJAX fans). IRC is a mature and privacy-friendly chat service. A web-based IRC client is available, or you can use your own client (e.g. hexchat). A small how-to manual is available here:
  • A red theme for phpBB is now available.
  • A no-bullshit privacy policy has been written:
  • A new category for PERSEC has been added to the Library: ... and_persec
Now that we have HTTPS support, please change your password. Before this upgrade, it would have been possible for others to sniff your password during login. You can change your password here: ... eg_details

If you have any problems, please post in the bug report thread here ( or send me a PM.

If you have any questions about this update, feel free to ask here! I will also idle in the IRC chat, send me a direct message or say my name in chat to get my attention.

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