NONET IRC Chat is in beta!

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NONET IRC Chat is in beta!

Post by Secant » Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:01 am

We are trying out an IRC-based chat for NONET, meant to replace our old AJAX chatroom. Join the chat and tell us what you think!

For IRC clients: #the_lounge (unencrypted) #the_lounge (SSL)

Web chat (kiwi IRC): (SSL)

Please keep in mind that IRC chat is still in beta, and we don't have a valid SSL certificate yet. So, you'll need to configure your IRC client to accept invalid certificates, or tell your browser to ignore the untrusted certificate if you're using Kiwi. Tor users may connect through the Kiwi web client.

Development plans include:
- "NONET" theme for Kiwi

Please report any problems to this thread, or to #beta on irc.