Policy (Unofficial)

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Policy (Unofficial)

Post by Psychlonic » Fri Jan 19, 2024 8:37 pm

Although I'm strapped for free time currently I still lurk somewhat frequently and read the latest airsoft topic by Mr. Edgyman found here:


In this post, concern was raised over word usage after another user had crapped all over his blogposting topic with everything short of a pre-spree manifesto. Rather than hijack that post clarifying my reasoning, I'll simply jot it down here so that topic can remain on track.

First and foremost, I am not forum staff. Maybe I'm still around well after my expiration date and some might think my words hold weight due to that, but the reality is I am not involved in forum moderation whatsoever. You can even see discussion with actual staff debating merits of certain things but ultimately I do not make any decisions. Any site changes I'm capable of are in the library only and I have no interest in anything further.

That out of the way, there is precedent for advising caution on the direction this website goes and yes, unfortunately, even word usage. A mention here or joke there is pretty harmless but going as overboard as things got in that topic (specifically basewatcher) can eventually cause some issues.

Back in the 00s where the internet was still supposedly the wild west, that sort of discussion was still walking a tight rope even back then. There were countless fringe sites and the majority of them died off because the owners were tired of having to deal with authorities. That is not a joke or exaggeration. RogueSci, once the biggest "legit" (as in quality information) fringe site out there, failed because while many members were just enthusiastic amateur pyrotechnicians, others were promoting hardcore crime, the information was being used and shared by terrorist organizations, and the most prominent member was convicted of murder and a slew of other lesser crimes during his half-baked attempt to flee. The owner finally had enough and folded.

&TOTSE fell because Jeff Hunter was tired of being contacted by government authorities demanding information on users and trying to take down guides which could potentially be used in various criminal pursuits.

Many, of course, died off because users were using the forum as a means to buy and sell illicit items of various natures.

If you look around, out of the few fringe forums you'll find most are pretty much a joke. I'm sure someone will read that and roll their eyes, considering NON one, but I mean an actual joke. The fringe sections are just nothing but joke topics and trolling. Anything else is often a bunch of jaded aging Gen Xers and Millenials small talking about nothing. Of course, it's not beyond me that we're beginning to see that here but the point is our community is now extremely rare. Somehow, in a twist none of us probably thought would happen, it's become one of the last communities where you can discuss the things we do and actually receive feedback instead of "THAT'S BAD!!!" before the topic gets locked/people banned/etc.

My confronting of discussions that would throw the masses into a fit is purely pragmatic and an attempt to benefit all so that we are not lumped into the same category as the forums before us that crumbled. The idea of becoming a free-for-all type fringe forum where anything goes has been brought up a few times in the past but guys... it's a slippery slope. I know I write this a lot but we truly are fortunate to have Secant as the owner of this site who enjoys keeping it around as a side project but he himself has even written that if he ends up in the same situation Jeff Hunter, Megalomaniac, etc. have been in he's also going to follow suit and shut down shop.

I hate being the guy, I really do. I think it's ridiculous we have to hold back so much, but it is important. Again, I can't force anything upon any of you. You're all free to ignore me and carry on. However, I've seen where that can go many times. You think NON is small and inactive? Just wait until you have to scour the darknet for tiny enclaves. Most users don't even bother with basic bitch PERSEC, so they're definitely not going to bother learning how to navigate any of that.

We are an endangered species here. I merely wish to keep us alive. Night ops and every single aspect of it will live on after NON finally goes down, whenever that may be, just as it was alive before anyone discussed it. But... this is the only town square left. It's the only place you can just click on a bookmark and likely get a response within a couple days. After it's gone we're back to being scattered to the winds not knowing others like us are out there.

I apologize for coming across as the fun police simply trying to talk reason into people.

One last thing. I keep seeing people asking if it's ok to set up shop elsewhere and forum new communities, channels, etc. There is literally no rule against that and I personally don't see the problem. There's no need to ask, just do it if you want.

In closing, I know some of you have sour grapes after bad interactions here. I know some have met, some drama has happened, and some people are just itching to serve up a cold dish of revenge. I get that some of you just need a fringe outlet for other topics because while it's not great, NON might be the best place you've found to try. Others, you just don't fit in but here you somewhat have a like-minded group you can finally connect to borne from a part of you that you'd never admit to most anyone in your every day life. We are very much a "type" here. When it's gone, it may well be all gone. Something to think about.
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Re: Policy (Unofficial)

Post by V-S » Sat Jan 20, 2024 2:43 am

I agree with all that. From what I've seen NON seems to moderate itself pretty well. Anyone that's come here with more extreme ideas doesn't get a lot of positive attention and eventually leaves. Spooks watching probably pick that up and prefer to not intervene with NON until some serious concerns are found.

This place is quite special, at least to me. I'd rather the low activity than high attention.
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Mr. Edgyman
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Re: Policy (Unofficial)

Post by Mr. Edgyman » Sun Jan 21, 2024 2:49 pm

I know you don't have moderation powers I just did it out of respect for you because you help the forum a lot.

Though I do think you might be going a little overboard. I mean, so what if some bot picks up some sussy words? As soon as a real glowie comes in he'll see "Oh it's just a scrub talking about airsoft" or "Oh this guy just made a guide about pew machines, actually he didn't create anything new he just compiled already easily available information". Even on the worst case scenario like with basewatcher if I were a glowie I'd be happy this site exists so scrubs can come in and just tell me how they did the things they supposedly did.

(In case someone doesn't know what a glowie is https://youtu.be/IOQn9bFMjbw)

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