PERSEC Made Piss Easy

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PERSEC Made Piss Easy

Post by Psychlonic » Sat Nov 25, 2023 4:40 pm

For computer users, it's too easy to remain anonymous and post without worries here at NON. Here's how:

Step 1: Go here

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Step 2: Follow the Instructions

You can now run TailsOS on a USB stick. There's also an ISO if for whatever reason you can only use a DVD drive. TailsOS is a secure OS that isn't littered with the problems of mainstream operating systems. End to end encryption is no longer enough, as many governments now or soon will consider this illegal. The problem for you is that to avoid lawsuits and losing customers, these operating systems are instead creating workarounds so that the encryption is simply circumvented before or afterward.

TailsOS not only has Tor baked in, it's completely depending on its routing system. You CANNOT run software on Tails that doesn't use this system to access the internet. In addition, it also has encrypted messenger options built right in.

Step 3: While in TailsOS, grab a disposable email account and create a new NON account unconnected with anything else.

Use this new account only while inside of TailsOS. This is enough to anonymize most users and allow you to post far more freely. If you are ultra-paranoid, there are additional steps that can be taken:

Use a connection point that isn't yours. TailsOS + Tor will hide your activity but an IP's log can make it obvious you were using software to hide your activity. In some places, it may become law to report this. Or, post times can match up with times it shows this activity, connecting the two. Using a different connection point leaves zero electronic breadcrumbs to trace back to you.

In countries where Tor is already banned, in almost all cases you can run Tor through a VPN. ProtonVPN is free. I think China is the only exception since they are essentially creating their own network and can stop proxies from working.

Post using a different style of writing than you'd typically use. Aside from certain algorithms now being able to connect authors together, sometimes it's just plain obvious when someone is using an alt account.

Honestly though, aside from the possibility of things becoming absolutely draconian these last two ideas shouldn't be an issue. If there's something SO SERIOUS that you need that level of anonymity, should you really be posting about it at all, let alone here at a forum full of explorers? No, and there's a point where people won't be impressed anymore they'll just think you're stupid, so don't.

Really, this is more about allowing you to continue living your day to day life without worries today and in the future. Download Tails and slap it onto a stick. Good to go. Whenever you're done just reboot back into your typical OS and carry on with your life.
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