Fugitive VS Scout | A Game I Play With My Friends

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Fugitive VS Scout | A Game I Play With My Friends

Post by cabbar » Mon Apr 19, 2021 6:18 pm

As kids we all played hide and seek, tag and derivatives of those two. The game I play isn't really a huge step up, it is as simple, as fun and I believe can help develop skills if one is a beginner like me or a friend who is interested but not enough to actually op.

How To Play:
-The game is all about the balance between speed and stealth.

-Area: Ideally, many separated enclosures with public access. (We play in a gated community with 8+ apartment blocks which have at least 2 entries.)

-Sides: Fugitive is the side with one player.
More than one players can be Scout.

-Mission: Fugitive must enter a set destination which only he knows, mustn't get caught, mustn't let Scouts know which destination he entered. In 10 minutes.
Scout(s) must either catch (tag) the Fugitive or learn where the Fugitive entered. They must communicate. Time is on their side.

1) Fugitive picks a random destination. (We use random picker sites and Fugitive screenshots it as proof.)
2) F and S leave some distance in between while keeping their line of sight. (You'll figure out the perfect distance based on cover availability after a few games.)
3) Game is on once Fugitive is on the move.
4)Before time's up, Scouts decide where the Fugitive entered and Fugitive makes the call. (We make a video call to reveal the location after Scout's answer.)

Game End:
-Time's up no call: Scout WIN

-Scout caught Fugitive: Scout WIN

-Fugitive entered the destination and made the call: Scout knows where he is, Scout WIN

Scout doesn't know where he is, Fugitive WIN

A Twist:
My inspiration for this came from Watch_Dogs. If there are too many Scouts, Fugitive can use WhatsApp's live location sharing to keep track of threats. Scouts shouldn't be a dick and use it themselves though. We played like this once with 6 players and it worked pretty well except in garages etc.

Your friends may not want to play at first but they'll enjoy it once they feel the rush of hiding behind a car while a Scout walks past them unnoticing. Anyway, that was it. Thanks if you read through. I would love to hear about it if you've done similar things with your friends before or if you try out this game with a friend. Peace.
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Re: Fugitive VS Scout | A Game I Play With My Friends

Post by Xanatos » Tue Apr 20, 2021 11:05 am

So it's like hide & seek with an objective? Sounds fun.
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