Methods to spend a successful day

The Ninja practiced Kyuin towards the sun when the days broke and upraised their concentration by receiving energy from the sun. They also raised their mental and physical conditions to the best in order survive in the most hardest days. The modern business people can also use this method, practicing Kyuin in the morning, to spend the day in a good condition. 

Methods to maintain vitality 

There was a training method that the Ninja practiced everyday which was to support their bodies with their toes and fists lain on the ground for five minutes. By this, the Ninja trained their abdominal muscles and prevented from gaining fat around their waists. Though it does not seem to be such a hard exercise, it is actually quite difficult to practice. You can shape up your body and spend days in a good condition if you also practice this everyday. 

Methods to keep your health in a good condition

The Ninja ate "Ninja food" which were basically composed of unpolished rice, tofu, vegetable, small fish, sesame, pickled plum and bean paste. As the Ninja did not eat meat, they ate tofu almost everyday for gaining the energy for their heavy activities and endurance. They also ate tofu in order to prevent gaining too much weight that would be hindrance to spy activities. Tofu is now gathering the attention from the world as an ideal diet food with low calories and rich nourishment. 

Methods to strengthening yourself with multimedia

The most important mission of the Ninja was to accumulate information, and therefore a good Ninja was a person that could gather and deliver necessary information the most fastest. Now is an age when necessary information can be obtained speedily and efficiently through taking advantage of various media such as computer communication, internet and e-mail. By gaining information in this manner, business can be executed with the least stress. 

Communication methods

The Ninja always worked in groups and every Ninja had their own responsibilities. There was a rule among the Ninja to make frequent contact with others and to unite together firmly until the victory of the battle is seen. Even now in the modern age, reporting, contacting and consulting are the three keywords to success in business. Among them, contacting is the most important, and if you make frequent contact with others, the possibility of unpredictable situations will be lowered, which results into the reduction of stress. 

Methods to expands your activities

It is significant in business activities, especially in critical situations, to have as many partners as possible who can all work as much as you. No matter how much you can work by yourself, there is always a limit which can never be broken through by one person and therefore brings about large amount of stress. The Ninja continuously worked to establish a broad network in order to obtain information widely and deeply. Having many partners that can all be trusted is the key to success in business as well. 

Breathing methods not to make your body tired

A good businessman travels more than others because his abilities are needed in various places. Even in this age when sophisticated transport networks are established, there are times when you have to run for speedy actions. In such occasions, by using the breath control method of the Ninjas, you can run without losing much energy. 

Methods to upraise your motivations

It can be said that modern business are mental battles. At important business meetings, you should forward the negotiations favorably as strategists through good strategies. As the Ninja practiced Kuji before taking actions in the battles in order to enhance motivation, is may be effective to practice Kuji before starting important business meetings. You will feel the motivation and concentration rise.? 

Methods to upraise mental concentration 

When establishing business strategies, it is necessary to be in a deeply concentrated state of mind to think of the best steps and also to disperse other thoughts. In order to bring your brain nerves in the best condition, first calm yourself down by using the Ninja breath control method which is to hide the sounds of your breath by attaching your mouth to the upper part of your arm and then practice Kuji. 

Methods to reach yourself

Everything is deeply connected to luck as there are times when you feel the luck close to you and other times when you don't feel any luck around you. Even an experienced business person meets cases when the business talks start to split and move in bad directions. It may be effective to practice Kuji to disperse evil spirits before starting business talks in order not to be influenced by the bad luck. 

Methods to relax your mind and body

Winning and losing in business talks depend much on the rest time. In this short period of time, you should disperse the mental pressure and maintain your body and mind in a good condition, and bring appropriate tension and combative spirit to yourself. You should practice Toin and judge your actions in the morning and establish the strategies for the afternoon. 

Methods to refresh your mouth

The Ninja rubbed salt in their teeth in order to strengthen their teeth and their gum at the same time. This is because that if their gum becomes weak, it would be difficult to bite hard which would result into the loss of quick movements, endurance, concentration and correct judgments. The salt that they used were natural salt which provided suitable stimulation to the gum and also included minerals that are considered to be good for the health while preventing gum diseases. It may be necessary for the modern business people to use salt for washing their teeth in order to upraise concentration and the power of thought. 

Methods of pressing pressure points in your hands

The Ninja usually stimulated their palms in order to recover from fatigue or stress. This method is effective for relaxation that can be practiced easily in modern days by using ball-point pens and pencils that are found in any office. This method is suggested to business people who suffer from stiff shoulders. 

Methods of pressing pressure points in your ears

One of the health maintenance methods of the Ninja was called Douin-jutsu. In this Douin-jutsu, there was a method called Tenko which the Ninja used to refresh themselves. In order to practice Tenko, you fold your ears and hit them by one finger. This method is also good for the ears, and there were other methods such as rubbing the ears using the palms of the hands and pulling the bottom of the ears strongly. The ear is connected to the brain by the three semicircular canals, and the activities of the cerebrum can be promoted by stimulating the ears. 

Methods of keeping your health in a good condition by being barefoot

It is important to know that the sole of a foot is a part of the body where numerous blood vessles gather, the reason why the sole is called the second heart. Therefore, if you massage your sole for even just a short while, it would stimulate blood circulation and promote the functions of the feet and the internal organs as well. The Ninja always found time to strongly press their soles even during important missions. As modern business people always squeeze their feet with leather shoes, it is necessary to take them off and stimulate their feet. 

Methods of practicing the Furube spell

The Ninja often recited spells to communicate with the gods. One of the spells were recited 
and was believed to disperse sins and misfortunes. Even if you can't understand the meanings of the spells, it would be best to recite them to the sun when it sets and return the natural power you've gained in the morning and express gratitude. 

Concentration methods

Modern business people are subject to physical and mental fatigue that comes from the eyes due to the office automation devices such as PCs. There were of course no hi-tech devices in the days of the Ninja, though they felt fatigue in their eyes as they usually moved frequently between dark and light places. The training method of staring at a candle light was practiced to train concentration and also to cure the tired eyes 

Methods of relaxing yourself using incenses

Incenses came to Japan at the same time as Buddhism. The smells would remove bad odor and clean the air, and also calm the minds and bring relaxation. The Ninja practiced Kyuin, meditate and cured physical and mental fatigue in a room full of incense smells. It would be an effective method for modern people to use the relaxation from incense smells to remove fatigue coming from work and to sleep when you cannot sleep well. 

Methods of adapting yourself to different environments

It is a good chance to train your mentality abroad as you are sure to receive various stimulations. You would also know how difficult it is to proceed business in an unfamiliar environment. In such cases, practice the Toin and calm down and refresh yourself. Leaving yourself in completely new environment would provide you with valuable experiences for you to enhance your abilities. 

Methods of keeping health in a good condition by being barefoot on holidays

The Ninja often stimulated blood circulation, removed physical fatigue and calm themselves down by pressing the pressure points on the sole of their feet that were all connected to internal organs and nerves. Furthermore, the soles of the Ninja were always stimulated as they walked barefoot or only wearing waraji* on the stones that were scattered on the roads. It is suggested to modern people who do not have the custom of walking barefoot to take of f their shoes on holidays when they are enjoying outdoor lives and walk on the beds of rivers where there are many stones.
*waraji: straw sandals 

Methods of Listening to subtle sounds

It is said that the Ninja could hear subtle sounds coming from a long distance. This ability of hearing natural subtle sounds is one that the modern people lack although we quickly respond to the sounds coming from machines and electric devices. As our audition is weak compared to the Ninja, we should spend the weekends outdoors and listen to the subtle sounds and refresh ourselves